Demo Videos

This video is about texturing different terrain decorations (desert/jungle/forest/mountains/beach) all on the same Terrain Tiles. And also decorating it with trees/bushes/grass and objects like stones/trunks and leaves. It is also about the basics of object placement. TerrainComposer has very powerfull multi level placement features, that will be shown in the comming videos (Like creating a detailed city or a town).

Video quality can be set higher in settings at the right buttom of the video screens.

Create terrain and texturing from skratch, with heightmap and splatmap mixing. I changed the default heightmap filter in the latest TerrainComposer version. In the default filter you can click the ‘Curve’ button -> Line -> Default Perlin, to get the filter that is used in the video.

If you buy TerrainComposer this Island example will be included.

This video is about the basic features of TerrainComposer making a colormap.

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