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One of the store’s hidden gems

by Ainsley Jarvis, 30 Jul 2013

There is no better tool for creating realistic terrains.  The panoply of features available to TerrainComposer users is staggering.  A procedural workflow means that output from TC is extremely easy to change in a non-destructive way.  Noise, height, steepness, bitmap, and many other modulators allow for rich customization, and the tools for splitting and managing terrain tiles is extremely useful for larger scenes.  I’m very happy with my purchase.

Love it!

by Becoming, 22 Jul 2013

Someone here said its the swiss army knife in terrain tools, i can 100% agree with it! Saved me weeks of work already and im just starting to understand what it can do… when i think about how much time it saved me(and will save), i really want to give this guy a hug 😉 The money was very well invested!! Incredible support included and there will a free update to version 2 soon…
Thx Nathaniel, for this very impressive piece of softwarel!!

A Great and Awesome asset. Well worth the money.

by jeremiah hoskins, 30 Jun 2013

This is the perfect asset if you want large scale terrains for your project. There is so much you can do and tweak with this asset. The biggest issue I have had with this asset is trying to figure out where and when to stop tweaking my terrains but that is more my issue.
I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs mass terrain generation but beware your creativity will get the better of you since there are so many options.

Tried and Tested…Its the best

by Oskar Wirga, 25 Jun 2013

If you want triple A quality terrain, go for Terrain Composer. It has the most features of any other terrain asset. If you are ambivalent about shelling out the money, get it. For the price it is a steal with this many features that go great alongside other terrain tools like World Machine. Get this asset I also forgot to mention the best support you will ever get.

Totally amazing

by anthony magdelaine, 15 Jun 2013

really powerfull plugin

Hands Down Best Terrain Generation tool in Store.

by Steve Favis, 19 Apr 2013

Five Stars Fast technical support and developer is highly active with updates additions and fixes. If you need terrain this is going to save a lot of time!
-Ameon Entertainment

Pretty Awesome!

by Brian Spillane, 14 Apr 2013

This is crazy cool, extremely useful, the amount of stuff in this is pretty overwhelming, I havent gotten a handle on it all yet..
I was able to get a tiled map in Unity going but its very basic…and nearly
I will get it down eventually..

Wow !!

by Baptiste Alvino, 03 Apr 2013

This product is amazing, really powerful !! And Nathaniel is very helpful ! A must have !!

5 stars product, 5 stars support

by arnaud popov, 03 Apr 2013

I just start with terrain composer, i feel i’ll have to work a loooot before enjoying how powerfull is this tool, but guyz trust me, nathaniel support is fast, very pro and helpfull !!!
You need huge terrain ? terrain composer is the MUST HAVE.

5 Star Product and 5 Star Support

by Jim Boyte, 25 Mar 2013

Wow!  What an amazing product that will let you create the most incrediable results in such a short period of time.  And the detail and the quality is second to noe.
As far as support goes, Nathaniel is the best.  He responed to email questions within an hour.  And he followed up to make sure all was well.
The only thing you will regret is wondering why you did not buy this product earlier.

Amazing Support

by 3Dynamo S.A., 25 Mar 2013

We’re barely scratching the surface of what Composer can do, and it already looks amazing to us. Gigcantic terrains in seconds, no hassle, simple and straightfoward, and the support deserves far more than 5 stars. Help is well documented, but whenever we got stuck, help came along within a day with precise explanatios as to how to complete each task… even with screenshots and edits to make the explaning more understandable. Trully, we’ve never found such good disposition and speed when it comes to support/help.

Great support by Nathaniel

by Peter Maskus, 21 Mar 2013

I am just getting to know the terraincomposer. I ran into some beginners problems first, but as fast as I ran into them, Nathaniel was there to offer a helping hand. And it all works fine now.
Genius tool, great support.

The Missing Link for Terrain Generation

by Artician, 20 Mar 2013

This tool is almost too complex for its own good, but that’s not a slight on it’s design.  It simply offers such an extreme depth of control for terrain generation that I would second it only to WorldMachine or any comparable professional terrain generation toolkit.  I had trouble with it early on simply because its depth was so overwhelming that it rivaled all of Unity’s learning curve.  Once I nailed that down, and had some spectacular 1-on-1 support to combat some early bugs I encountered, this plugin easily stands out as the only Terrain editing tool any developer needs.


by Carlos Sanchez-Lozano, 11 Mar 2013

I bought TC a couple of days ago, went through the tutorial and it has saved me tons of time building my terrain. I really like the new feature that allowed me to use a colour map as a splat texture and mix it with other splats. Worth every cent. Customer support is also 5/5.

Fairly priced, extremely powerful and customer response second to none!

by Joe Ciappa, 09 Mar 2013

We purchased this extension about a week ago and it has literally saved us hours of work. There is a learning curve but that is only to be expected with such a feature rich product. The developer has helped us several times and replies come virtually instantly.  This is a real steal for what you get and you would be silly to opt for something cheaper and far inferior. Does exactly what it says on the tin and much more!

Unity’s best terrain tool

by Jeremy Allen, 03 Mar 2013

This is a very well executed extension. While it may seem a bit daunting at first glance, this is a feature-rich terrain tool that takes care of your every terrain need (or mine, at any rate), and well worth the price asked for. Highly recommended if you’re using terrain in your project.

An absolute MUST HAVE!

 by Andre Kruetzfeldt, 01 Mar 2013

This extension is SUPER impressive! I have not seen anything like this in the store before.
It does what it promisses and more. Having been a TD for a very large Studio, this would have been my pefered solution to a lot of issues in FPS, City and Dungeon Building.
The product is well designed and was given so much thoughts in development, which covers all thinkable options and, gives all the tweaks one ever wants. ( For now this is setting new standards! )
In Nathaniel’s defence, It is not a beginners tool.
You have to be INTERMEDIATE+ level in UNITY3D to apprechiate the extension.
BUT if you START using U3D, he did a good job in the tutorial-/documentations; they are really great! They go step by step. and explain the background and thoughts about how an why. So just follow the steps in the manual.
Also, work through the instructional videos before you buy!
Again, the product, delivery and quality is over the top.


Just got the latest Beta update and this is my take on it:
Can any one say “Swiss Army Knife” of all terrain editors?
The abilities that have been incorporated into the latest update is impressive to say the least.
The option to be able to INDIVIDUALLY blend your terrain textures is especially nice.
Maybe you want the dirt to blend with the grass on very gradual scale, yet want the crass to blend with the cliff on a more dramatic scale.
It is all possible with this tool !!
Being able to duplicate a layer and adjust individual parameters on EACH layer allows for some amazing results.



Location Canada

Couldn’t agree more. It is hands down the best terrain asset that I have ever purchased or seen. The possibilities are endless.

Originally Posted by ChadH

I have purchased probably EVERY terrain asset available and not one of them come close to the possibilities of Terrain Composer. Yes, I have made some glowing reviews on this thread, but that is only because of the FANTASTIC job eagle555 has done with this. Not only is the asset great, his customer service and attention to any of my petty concerns were addressed immediately.
If anyone is considering purchasing this asset, you will NEVER regret your investment



Location Detroit Michigan USA

WOW!! This is one of the best assets that I have ever bought. Worth every penny!




Great job !



Location Lost in Space………………..

Awesome Tool for Terrain…

Hello, just want to let all know that TC works fantastic also on Mac ! (It’s not normal @ Asset Store!!!) I have completed the Tutorial and made my own Terrain now and i’m very Happy with it! You can also use this for Mobile Terrain as well… The Dev is very responsive if you find a issue and will fix it imminently 🙂 For me is the best Terrain Tool available!
so i can highly recommend this great little Tool!



Really awesome and mighty asset, needs lots of time to work through all the options.


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