Here’s a list (not complete) of the features:


  • Works with Unity 3.x, 4.x and Unity 5 ready.
  • Works with Unity Free and Pro.
  • Works with Windows and Mac.
  • Works in runtime in a Build.
  • Imports from World Machine and other outside Unity terrain tools.


  • Built in version updater.

Included Tools:

  • Terrains Splitter. Split terrain/s into more terrail tiles.
  • Export Unity terrains to meshes.
  • Smooth heightmap terrains.
  • Measure terrains.
  • Filter Images (e.g. Satelite) on colors and export its texture.
  • Create Heightmap/Pattern Textures.

User Interface:

  • Fast, flexible and colorful user interface.
  • Embedded video tutorials
  • Multi-Threading, while generating terrains it’s still possible to continue working in Unity.
  • Auto Generation, see changes you make immediately in the Scene view.
  • Activation/Deactivation for each group/component/output.
  • Edit Layer and Description names.
  • Save/Load whole projects, layer groups, layers, color ranges and generated textures.
  • Copy/Paste/Swap any component within the hierarchy.
  • Undo/Redo for deleted components.
  • Import/Export generated output to Texture (Normalmap, splatmap, colormap and heightmap).


  • Supports Multiple Terrains (unlimited) which can be created automatically.
  • Import/Export .Raw 16bit heightmap files.
  • Import/Export splatmaps.
  • Use large .Raw files with resolution >4096 and spread them over multiple terrains.
  • Convert meshes to Unity terrain.
  • Convert Unity terrain to meshes.
  • Slice Terrains into 4 terrains each, keeping all data.
  • Stitch Terrains for non fitting heightmaps.
  • Supports all resolutions. Can convert resolutions to lower or higher during any stage.
  • Automatically arrange positions of multiple terrain to one big tile, or re-arrange when the size changes, with one click.
  • Use real World data heightmaps.
  • Use real World satelite images.
  • Automatically seach and add terrains from the Scene with one click.
  • Fast resolution/size/splat/trees/grass and detail assignment and apply to multiple terrains.
  • Unity terrain parameters multi terrain edit.
  • Create a custom square area for each terrain, or create one square world area over multiple terrains.
  • Control the resolutions of each terrain.
  • Option to automatically stitch terrain borders.
  • Makes seamless tiles.
  • Adjustable view and terrain settings for runtime.
  • Reset buttons for heightmap,splatmap,trees,grass,detailmap and placed objects.
  • Active/Deactive each terrain.


  • Color maps/normal maps/splatmaps/raw heightmaps in a few clicks.
  • Tree maps and grass maps.
  • Multi 3dmodel mesh top view images.
  • Pattern images.
  • Perlin images.

Input/Ouput options:

  • Create unlimited amout of layers.
  • Create unlimited amount of filters and subfilters within each layer.
  • Terrain input parameters like height, steepness and normal.
  • Input from images, create rules on color and color ranges. Options like scale, offset, rotation.
  • Automatically stretch images and raw heightmaps over terrain/area/multi terrains.
  • Use filter and curve settings to create any kind of blending, it works on all layer outputs.
  • Add unlimited amout of curves to a filter, like normal curves, random curves and perlin curves.

Layer outputs:

  • Heightmap.
    • Heightmap generation with unlimited filters,subfilters and curves.
    • Assign raw heightmap files directly to filters and subfilters. Can convert resolutions, spread over terrain/area/multi terrain. Apply any curve to change heightmap output.
    • Heightmap editing with images as input. For example to create rivers, curved out roads, bunkers for golve course, etc.
  • Colormap.
    • Create unlimited amout of colors.
    • Load/Save color groups.
    • Unlimited filters, subfilters and curves for picking color and its alpha.
    • Control texture density of each color with each layer.
  • Splatmap.
    • Adjustable mix rate for transitioning from one splat to the other.
    • Unlimited filters, subfilters and curves for picking splat and its alpha.
    • Control texture density of each splat whith each layer.
  • Tree.
    • Tree placement from image or any filter option, specifying scale range, different colors, distance between each tree, etc etc
    • Unlimited filters for selecting tree scale, and subfilters for selecting tree color.
    • Make tree colors from an image.
    • Unlimited filters, subfilters and curves for picking tree and its density.
  • Grass/Detail.
    • Adjustable mix rate for transitioning from one grass kind to the other.
    • Unlimited filters,subfilters and curves for picking grass and its density.
    • Control grass density of each kind with each layer.
  • Object.
    • Object placement from image or any filter option, specifying scale range, rotation range, position range, different materials, distance between each object, rotation map,etc, etc.
    • Automatic parenting with placing objects, automatic combine children meshes for optimum performance.
    • Multi-level output, create layers inside each object to unlimited levels with its own area.

There’s many more features and soon I will add more to the list.

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