About me

1743565_783710284992095_365349992_nLead Programmer at Five Studios Interactive

Games: D.R.O.N.E.
Unity experience: 6.5 years full-time programming.
Programming experience: 28 years.

Born in 1981 in the Netherlands, 8 years passed until I started to program on the C64. Since then I got absorbed into programming and playing video games. A lot of my time went into being creative and making games and animations with my friends. Over the years I learned many program languages like Basic, Assembler, Delphi, Java, C++, C# and Cg shaders.

What fascinates me most is sport, aviation, rc, mountain rich landscapes and graphics. The passion for landscapes made me create two terrain tools which are used for creating terrains in many recent game titles. This allowed to make my hobby my profession and I gave support for the last 5 years to my community. I studied for computer science and networking. Besides programming, I consider myself as an artist as well and have experience in various game engines. I’m proud to be part of a team that pushes the limits into making the game of our dreams, DRONE.

I’m an-old school gamer since the C64 and played many types of games over the years, to name a few…Spy Hunter, Jungle Strike, Free Space 2, US navy fighters, Worms, C&C/Red Alert series, Quake 3 arena, Need for speed series, Battlefield and Call of Duty series, etc.



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