MeshCombineStudio Release notes

The latest major new 1.16 update (not all files included, needs original version from the Unity Asset Store) can be downloaded from the Unity forum here. Update 1.16 is submitted to the Asset Store and is pending to be accepted.

MCS Update 1.16


  • Improved and simplified (GUI) back face triangle removal with a bounding box (where camera won’t go outside).
  • Add Mesh Colliders is working again.
  • Button to select original GameObject and a button to select combined GameObjects.
  • Batches before/after/saved stats.


  • Multiple Job Managers in multiple scenes (should be only one).
  • Unity hang fix.


MCS Update 1.15


  • Remove triangles below any surface (Meshes, Unity terrain). It works with colliders and you can select the layer on which are the surfaces.
  • Remove back facing triangles. E.g. if you have an inner area where the player cannot go beyond and outside of this area you placed objects (even big mountain meshes) you can remove the back part of those meshes as the player will never see them. This can also work for a top down game or side scroller game where the player is never able to see a certain angle.
  • Stats of seeing the original and after vertices and triangle count and the amount that has been saved by removing triangles of the above 2 features. Both those features can reduce a lot the rendered geometry and it the reduction reduces the memory.


MCS Update 1.13c


  • More commands for the Console to change MCS settings at runtime
  • Quality settings V Sync Count in MCS Inspector


  • Tooltips
  • Setup gradient colors for Fps counter


  • Fixed all reported bugs

MCS Update 1.13b


  • Runtime combining for baked lightmapping, so no need to rebake, this won’t combine as much as rebaking as lightmap index of the to combining objects need to be the same. On realtime GI this doesn’t work as an additional mesh is used in each MeshRenderer and this mesh is unreadable and can’t be accessed.
  • Copying of Lightmap uvs for rebaking, which goes superfast instead of letting Unity regenerate them (this option is also still available).
  • Change lightmap scale for the combined meshes to increase/decrease lightmap resolution.
  • The ability to disable/enable Unity’s static and dynamic batching from the MCS inspector.

MCS Update 1.12


  • Compatible all the way down to Unity 5.1 to the Unity 2017.3 beta.
  • Super fast, efficient and low memory consumption multi-threaded mesh combine job system (with exposed API for using at runtime).
    With settings like Combine meshes at once, or x amount per frame, using x amount of threads, etc. Will be able to add/remove objects and re-combine for level editors, etc.
  • Completely automatic LOD detection and combining.
  • Completely automatic handling for the Unity Editor of original GameObjects, MeshRenderers and LOD groups get disabled/enabled automatically.
  • No increase in vertex count.
  • Support for negative scaling.
  • Support for lightmapping in Unity Editor.
  • Save meshes for making prefabs.
  • Combining for dynamic objects without any cells.
  • Cell offset.
  • Runtime console to change combine settings and re-combine.
  • Max bounds search option to exclude big objects.
  • Drawing of mesh bounds.

MCS Update 1.02


  • For searching GameObjects auto detection of bounds instead of being forced to use the SearchBox.
  • Include inactive GameObject option in search options.
  • Choose GameObject pivot between transform position and center of mesh bounds.
  • Search GameObject by component names.

MCS First release 1.0


  • Supports all platforms.
  • Cell based mesh combining, which is optimal for culling and z-sorting.
  • Fully automated combining, no tedious manually combining.
  • Combine in Editor or Runtime.
  • Supports any number of LODs.
  • Replaces LOD Group components by an octree based LOD switching system, which gives less LOD popping and better performance.
  • Multiple MCS prefabs can be used for different settings, e.g. different cell sizes for big and small objects.
  • Uncombines meshes with multiple materials and recombines into separate materials.
  • Search conditions which GameObjects to include.
  • Easy to use and simple Inspector.

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