Mesh Combine Studio

I recently released a new tool called Mesh Combine Studio!

The latest major new 1.13c update (not all files included, needs original version from the Unity Asset Store) can be downloaded from the Unity forum here.

Special introductory price with 50% discount! For a limited time only get Mesh Combine Studio for $22.50 instead of $45!


Mesh Combine Studio is an automatic cell based mesh combiner which can significantly to dramatically improve the performance of your game. It can be used on any type of game for any platform.

We use MCS technology in our game D.R.O.N.E. for our modular Arena Editor and without it we would only get 1 fps.

Instead of manually combining meshes, which is very tedious, MCS will do this automatically for you and the performance improvements it gives cannot be achieved with manual combining. Just simple drag and drop a MCS prefab in your Scene and tweak some values to your specific needs and you are ready to go.

MCS can give up to +20x better performance compared to Unity’s static batching. The smaller the to combining meshes are the more performance improvement it gives. It works great on systems that use modular meshes as well as static objects like buildings, props, rocks, etc.

Not only are the draw calls greatly reduced, but since MCS combines meshes into cells, it dramatically improves culling performance as well. Less objects need to be culled and z-sorted. On top of that MCS supports LOD meshes and the LOD Group components are replaced by a more performant octree based LOD switch system, which gives less LOD popping artifacts as a bonu s.

Documentation | Forum

Here is a demo build of an example Scene from a popular modular Asset called Dungeon Architect. MCS boosts performance about 2170%! (from 37 to 805 fps) on my Nvidia 980TI compared to Unity’s batching:

* Supports all platforms.
* Cell based mesh combining, which is optimal for culling and z-sorting.
* Fully automated combining, no tedious manually combining.
* Combine in Editor or Runtime.
* Supports any number of LODs.
* Replaces LOD Group components by an octree based LOD switching system, which gives less LOD popping and better performance.
* Multiple MCS prefabs can be used for different settings, e.g. different cell sizes for big and small objects.
* Uncombines meshes with multiple materials and recombines into separate materials.
* Search conditions which GameObjects to include.
* Easy to use and simple Inspector.



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