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I released screenshots of the 24 hour demo version 2.








For a limited time only, instead of $90, I’m doing a custom sale with 50% off for $45, for both TerrainComposer and WorldComposer! Make sure you grab your copy before they are back on $90!































TerrainComposer and WorldComposer are terrain creation and editing tools. You can use any additional terrain shader with both products. As for a terrain shader I highly recommend using the RTPv3.2 – Relief Terrain Pack shader made by Thomasz. As me and Tom are collaborating with our Products.

New video of showcasing Relief Terrain Pack, TerrainComposer and AFS2.04…Enjoy!


This video shows 2 Demo terrains that are made by Peter and me with TerrainComposer and WorldComposer and for rendering they use RTPv3. In the 24 hour demo there’s also AFS package that makes the trees look a lot better. The flight simulator demo uses UFS. We were making this demo for and with Chris the developer of Ufs, but we never released the demo, cause we all caught up in our many projects…

As a fan of Toms work, the developer of RTPv3. Here by a video to show the difference between the 24 hour demo with and without RTP…Oeps!! A common question I get if RTP is needed to get a good looking terrains in Unity. I think the video will show the answer…The terrains are exactly the same with the heightmap, splatmap and vegetation placement generated with TerrainComposer. The only difference in the video is RTPv3 vs standard Unity terrain shader. If you don’t want to spend $90 for RTP, you can ask Unity to put RTPv3 on a 24 hour sale. Another question is if this demo could be made without TerrainComposer, and the answer might be yes, only it would have taken us 4 weeks of manual painting splat textures and placing the grass and trees, which would be a huge pain, and also to make it look natural is very challenging with manual painting, instead we made the whole demo in 36 hours, and everything is done procedurally by using placement rules in layers and masks in TerrainComposer. TerrainComposer will save you an enormous amount of time, and is like the photoshop for terrains in Unity3d…

Click here to go to RTPv3 on the Asset Store

There’s a new modular Scifi pack available on the Asset Store. It’s made by Jakob a very skilled artist from our gaming team. A 3D level construction-kit, just perfect for your post-apocalytic, modern, military scenarios and more. Build ground-bases, space-stations, submarine-stations, or entirely different things. It’s PBR and Supports both PBR workflows. Tested with Skyshop, Jove 2.0 and the included PBR shaders (made with ShaderForge). Also it is made ready for Unity5 new enlighten lighting system. The amount and quality of the textures and the meshes is outstanding and I recommend to buy it. Me and Peter made SnazzyGrid especially for this pack and it’s included for free!

Asset Store Modular PBR Scifi-Pack

RTP 3 is released and it renders your terrain to a whole new level of quality! See TerrainComposer created terrain with RTPv3 rendering in action

Peter and me made a new Unity Editor tool called SnazzyGrid, to read more about it Click here


SnazzyGrid will improve your workflow a lot, we can’t go without it anymore :) and use it for making our Wing suit flying game. This tool is not just a grid, but it has unique features that have not been done before in any tool. Like a local 3d grid and the use of hotkeys to move objects relative to the Scene camera. For example if you use Numpad right an object will always move to the right of the Scene camera. With this movement system you can quickly move and arrange objects in your Scene. With SnazzyGrid you can save a huge amount of time on level design…


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