The page I will update as soon as a feature, improvement or fix is progressing.
Latest release is TerrainComposer2 version 2.3 (released 23 February 2017).

Update TerrainComposer 2.4


Tree and Object distance with advanced relations system.

Multi tiles for Image node.


Update TerrainComposer 2.5

Node Groups within Node Group.

Streaming multi terrain.

Streaming around the Camera generate pass system (Fase 1).

Random system for creating random terrain.

Automatically generate higher resolution global normal map compared to terrain heigthmap.

Multiple Terrain Areas.

Support of 16 splat/grass textures instead of 8.

Raycast node -> Raycast from top.

Rename nodes directly with right click or double click label on a node.

Link cloned nodes. Changing original node will also change its clones.

Lock nodes so they can't accidentally be edited.

Normalize preview textures (Advanced Settings).


Use existing terrain heightmap without the need to generate it.

Raycast hit compared with terrain height with fall-off radius.



Updates after TerrainComposer 2.5


This list is not complete yet.

V2.6). Terrain Node. Create terrains within terrain.

V2.6). Export Unity terrain to mesh for multi terrain tiles. For now use the TerrainToObj wiki script.

V2.6). For a Layer Group a mode to use a Select Node group instead of Layers with operators.

V2.6). Streaming around the Camera object pooling, generate only around the camera (Fase 2).

V2.6). Checkbox where the effect of each node is displayed on the terrain as a bright color.

V2.7). Erosion Node.

V2.8). Generate objects around objects with unlimited levels.

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