This page contains TerrainComposer1 tutorials. TerrainComposer2 documentation and video’s can be found here.

Getting started tutorial videos

Unity terrain tutorial  -> Watch this if you are new to the Unity terrain or new to Unity.
TerrainComposer Getting Started  -> Watch this after purchasing TerrainComposer.
Walkthrough the TerrainComposer interface
TerrainComposer tutorial about filters, masks and curves 
Help Video for placement based on image colors
Help Video Importing from WorldMachine/Using RTP with TerrainComposer

24 Hour Demo Tutorial document -> A pdf document how Peter and me made the 24 hour demo.

Embedded short tutorial Videos that explain each section step by step.

TerrainComposer has embedded video links which explain each part step by step. You can click the links to see each video. The videos are kept as short and direct as possible.

Some video’s are made with an older TerrainComposer version, the newest TerrainComposer version has more features, but the functionality is the same. The main visual difference is that the newest TerrainComposer version has Terrain Tabs. To get the visual terrain foldouts that are visable in the video’s you can go to TC Menu -> View -> Terrain Tabs (disable).



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