…not just a grid, it’s a Lifesaver!
SnazzyGrid improves your workflow in Unity. It saved us so much time, it’s a true livesaver. We consider time as valuable and so should you. Don’t think twice, just get it, thank us later. If you are on the fence just read the reviews. The grid makes it stand out but the other features like child compensation, quickparenting, hierarchy up/down, selection/view saving, per axis snapping, smart focus, uGUI support (and more) make it a truly unique product. Our promise: it will save you hours each day.

With a learning curve smoother than babyskin, you’ll have it integrated into your workflow in notime and once you used it you’ll always want to have it in your projects. Not convinced?…take a few minutes and watch the videos above and see why SnazzyGrid 2.0 is special!

Well documented & fully customizable…
Apart from the detailed Manual(clicky) and the tutorial video, there is a quickstart-guide integrated into the window. There are Tooltips for every button on the interface, not only explaining the functionality but also show which Hotkeys(all customizeable) currently are assigned. All the documentation is just a labour of love for us as SnazzyGrid 2.0 is so intuitive and easy you wont ever look at the docs! Want different hotkeys or settings? No problem, find and change settings within a second, the intuitive settings window makes it really easy and convinient.

Links: VideoManual Assetstore

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